We are here to take care of your visual needs instead of just sell you glasses.

Paige Tang, O.D.

Upcoming Events

Join us any time for one of our upcoming events!

Spring Promo |  Latisse Sale

Tired of mascara?

Latisse is FDA approved to lengthen your eyelashes.  It is also safe and effective for long-term results.  We are selling 5 ml kits for $129 until all inventory is out.  here is a link regarding Latisse-http://www.latisse.com/

Be sure to have an eye exam every 1 to 2 years.  

Call 408-679-5399 to schedule your appointment today.  

Music Fest |  May 26 2019 3 PM

- Join us for a gathering in our small studio or in the outdoor area (weather permitted) to share our favorite piano and guitar music.   

- Also in the works is a photography workshop by our local photographer Annarose Monroe.  Check out her website at annarosemonroe.com

Stay tuned.

Route 9 Challenge |  Ongoing TBD 

Spring is here!  Time for us cycling enthusiasts to get our rides on.  We will be venturing up Route 9 regularly!  In the works are also rides to Santa Cruz, Big Basin State Park,  Mt. Hamilton and Mt. Tam.  Other ride ideas are welcome!  

Interested in regular organized group rides?  Here is a link to a local club called the Almaden Cycling and Touring Club.  They host many local rides.  Check them out: